Raymundo Sports provides a variety of services to help you gain a healthier lifestyle, an energetic body and more happiness in your life.

The quality that Raymundo Sports offers has been experienced by several well known dutch individuals (Gordon, Ruud & Estelle Gullit and Angela van Hulten) who frequently make use of our services. With a self-confident attitude and a fit physique your performance improves, your stamina will peak and you will enjoy your work and private life to the max. Raymundo Sports enjoys a good and well known reputation in the world of fitness and personal training since 1995.

Amber & Raymundo offer their services among other locations at Clubsportive, Gustav Mahlerlaan 16 (Toyo Ito Building) in Amsterdam. Go to www.clubsportive.nl for more information.

Top 11 personal trainers in quote, December 2006

Praised for his quality and excellent reputation in the world of personal training. Raymundo Sports received a spot in the top 11 personal trainers from the Netherlands. Read all about it in the December edition of the lifestyle magazine Quote.

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